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In the majority of beliefs, they call it the “evil eye” the power of misfortune exercised on a person by another. Undoubtedly, this “power”, this “bad luck” most often comes from the envious and bad thoughts of another.

Each culture has thus invented a talisman or charm which permits a person to be protected from the evil eye. These charms are often in the form of an eye but can also come in other various forms like a four-leaf clover, a cross, a butterfly, a skull, etc. Stones and colours are also a source of a multitude of benefits for people who wear them. Nevertheless, these charms all share the same purpose: to bring good luck and to protect from bad luck.

Yohanna Allouche, the creator of the brand Y “EYES”, has chosen to carry on these ancient traditions and to share them and their benefits with everyone. This is how and why in 2005 the brand Y “EYES” was born and its first collection “Nel Chance” debuted- a true fetish or trinkets which were nothing other than the famous “eyes” of various colours, guaranteeing the promise of happiness !

Tradition, luck, faith and joy are the core concepts and philosophy of Y”EYES”.

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