Douzal is a collective of rich talents gathered around Sophie Douzal-Sarkozy, the agency’s founder.
With different backgrounds and a wide array of competencies, they all share the same values.
At the headquarters located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, the atmosphere is rigorous, friendly and creative.
From this complementarity come consistency and resilience, creativity and daring.

Sophie Douzal-Sarkozy


Zelda Wittgenstein

Directrice Générale

Victoria Ducluzeau

Directrice de Presse

Pierre Cauchois

Directeur de Presse

Melissa Ollivier

Attachée de Presse

Julie Doyen

Attachée de Presse

Lisa Perrein

Attachée de Presse

Alma Canovas

Responsable Digital

Amber Tinaztepe

Community Manager

Anne-Sarah Viollet

Directrice Artistique

Martine Le Vot

Directrice Financière