Press relations

Our core business and the foundation stone of our address book.

Today, the press world is in a constant state of transformation and this demands continual reshaping and loads of creativity for a product to emerge and stand apart from the rest. Equipped with strong, longstanding ties with the written press, radio and TV, we can accompany our clients by organizing meetings, events and tailor-made actions that perfectly correspond to their own particular brand identity.

Public relations

In this extremely high potential field for networking and influence we have a true soft spot for creating tailor-made, strategic events. From the ultra private to great pomp and circumstance, or simply around a personality, our events are organized to include journalists, influencers, opinion leaders, business heads, entrepreneurs and show business figures – all people who make up the very essence of Paris. We have even patented our concepts like Father&Son and Father&Daughter Lunches, Blondes’ Lunches and BFF Breakfast.

Influence & Digital

We have created and added to our address book a network of influencers and micro-influencers whose audiences are both captive and focused. We thus initiate online conversations, engagements and relationships that are further developed offline during our RP events. We also create and deploy digital strategies for our clients, from art direction, content creation to community management.


Set on the idea of ​​making brands known and sustainable, we offer our clients collaborative projects with artists and creators we know well. How delighted we were to have set up meetings between India Mahdavi and Boizel, Inès de la Fressange and Bottin Mondain or Casa Lopez and Molinard. Or to have produced for the Royal Mansour, the Nouvelles de Marrakech (Marrakech Novellas) with contributions by such writers as Tahar Ben Jelloun, Adelaide of Clermont-Tonnerre, Marc Lambron and Leila Slimani.