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Douzal is a communications and influence agency specializing in luxury goods.

With a strong desire to clearly convey the beauty and emotion that lies within luxury,
Douzal reveals the know-how and showcases the perfection of each product’s details.
Those that help us escape and carry us away on a dream.

At Douzal, we harness this vital energy and translate it into stories that are perfectly adapted to each audience.
With its precious address book at hand we identify our clients’ specific make up and needs,
so we may fine-tune their communication requirements to suit what’s happening within the market of today.

 For more than twenty years, we have worked exclusively in the luxury sector.
We know the key players, the spirit of the moment, the current developments,
and the all ways to get things done better than anyone else in the field.
Experience tells us what works, and we know how to set our four key areas of expertise in motion
to amplify and obtain maximum buzz, coverage and spread.



Steady ahead and never stop
Cultivate our address book as Voltaire would his garden
Be more reliable than the 14th of July parade
Think out of the box
Wear daring and boldness as a talisman
Dare, dare, dare, and dare again
Combine humor with sensitivity
Better than luxury, an intrinsic luxury